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Have you ever woke up and thought “Where the heck am I?” We know the feeling. That’s why we created myAccount. From one page, you can view your current balances, positions, buying power, working orders, and more.

We’ve even included convenient links to other tools within the site to analyze your current positions further. The better you understand where you’re at, the better you understand your risk, and the better we all are.

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Use Linkup to conveniently view all of your TradingBlock accounts under a single log in.
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  • Current balances
    Break-out current balances by cash (cash, margin and short balances), security value (by type), money market fund.
  • Current, working and saved orders
    Tab through all existing positions, working and saved orders. Use ActionLink to close, change or cancel any order, or to access other research tools on the site.
  • Real-time buying power and margin requirements
    Know your updated purchasing power and requirements to ensure you have adequate capital to initiate any new or maintain any current positions.
  • Search all history
    View all account history by calendar month including: balances, buying power, margin, interest rate, and position histories.