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If you’re like us and can’t remember what you did yesterday, thank goodness for myHistory. Log in and view every trade, gain, loss (ewwww), statement, confirmation, deposit, withdrawal, transfer, portfolio performance, and more.

Once you’re in, you get FREE access to the most entertaining part of our site: The Tax Center.

We’d even be open to storing the blue slip for your car, but that got nixed by our compliance officer.

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  • Custom History Search
    Query your account’s historical activity by date range, symbol, security or transaction type. Download results as a .csv file for use with any spreadsheet program for further analysis.
  • Statements & Confirms
    Access current and archived confirms of individual transactions or monthly statements. Each PDF report can be saved offline. (Requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader)
  • Gains & Losses
    Query your account’s realized and unrealized gains/losses history by date range, symbol, security type, gain term, and tax year. Breaks down long- and short-term realized gains/losses for tax reporting purposes. Download results as a .csv file for use with any spreadsheet or tax program for further analysis.
  • Performance
    Graph how your portfolio or individual watch list performed against your choice of major indices. Select the date range you wish to view.
  • Tax Center
    Simplify your tax reporting by downloading 1099 forms and Schedule D worksheets (realized gains/losses) for a specific tax year. (Requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader)