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View your realized and unrealized gain/loss for each existing position in your portfolio in real-time.

For investors "legging" (entering a new position incrementally) into a position, TradingBlock's Position Analyzer features a drag-and-drop display that allows you to easily group individual positions for monitoring and managing aggregated gain/loss and cost-basis as a single position.
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  • View individual position gain/loss or drag-and-drop to aggregate multiple positions
    Simply drag one position over another to view the aggregate realized and unrealized gain/loss and cost-basis of any combined positions.
  • Expandable table allows you to view details on individual or combined positions
    Click on any position to expand and view complete details on individual position components.
  • Aggregate positions can be de-coupled at any time
    Linked positions can be de-coupled with a single click, and be re-linked at any time.