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We’ve loved to draw squiggly lines going back to our days in preschool. Never did we realize that such a skill would have real value someday.

With our Price Charts, you can watch squiggly lines of historical prices and daily volume to spot possible trends for your targeted stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Scale the chart to create your own custom date range for detailed analysis.

Options traders can overlay historical and implied volatility to help identify price-to-volatility correlations which may indicate whether options are under- or over-priced (also known as “buy” or “sell” opportunities).
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  • Adjustable timeframes and styles
    Scale chart to view one month to 5 years of historical pricing and volume data. You can even scroll to create a custom date range. Select your favorite chart style: Line, Bar, OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) or Candlestick.
  • Daily trading activity
    View open, high, low and close prices for any trading day. You can also view daily volume, plus the initial, last, high and low volumes for each custom date range.
  • Historical and implied volatility overlays
    Monitor volatility changes to see if an event or series of events may be imminent that may significantly affect the security’s share price. Compare implied volatility (or a security’s volatility as “implied” in its options) versus the security’s historical volatility to better understand possible price-to-volatility correlations. Such correlations can help determine if certain options are cheap or expensive relative to the price of the underlying security.