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We know, we know. Financials are boring (we’re not accountants, either). But within those little tables and footnotes are little nuggets which can help you locate value and growth stocks.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Dow jones®, MarketWatch® and Lipper® to provide you with quality research to uncover the DNA of your favorite stocks and ETFs
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  • Stocks
    Comprehensive research suite gives you point-and-click access to current quotes, option stats, historical price and volatility charts, profile and fundamental data, company news, earnings, insider history and SEC filings. You can even view your current positions in the stock as you research.
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    If you like to trade stocks, but like the diversification of mutual funds, try Exchange-traded Funds. ETFs are funds that trade just like stocks. You can sell short, buy on margin, and many are optionable. Most ETFs have lower expense ratios than mutual funds, and are more tax efficient.
  • Options
    Expand and collapse which month(s) you wish to view. Select to the number of strikes you wish to display when constructing your trade. Our complex option chains will allow you to view option prices based on the strategy types you like to follow.

    Available views by strategy type include:

    • Calls and Puts
    • Vertical
    • Calendar
    • Diagonal
    • Straddle
    • Strangle
    • Butterfly
    • Condor
    • Iron Butterfly
    • Iron Condor
    • Box
    • Vertical Roll
    • Covered Call
    • Married Put
    • Conversion
    • Collar
    • Synthetic Combo
  • Market Indices
    It’s a global economy. Most public companies are multi-nationals, and their success may be depend as much or more on what’s happening outside the US. So staying on top of world market indices can help you better understand why today’s markets are doing what they’re doing.
  • Mutual Funds
    We like to have fun(d), too. We just want to know who we're playing with first. Use our Mutual Fund Finder to sort and find prospective funds, and then use our Mutual Fund-amentals to review the fund’s profile before you invest.