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For investors and traders who use options, flexibility is paramount - from finding a stock to finding the strategy to selecting the most flexible execution option. Every option investor or trader has their unique guidelines.

That’s why we’re introducing tools and features designed to help you quickly locate securities which meet your investment objectives, to minimize the steps to find or develop an option strategy, to evaluate the strategy’s potential risk and reward, and to execute the strategy utilizing a range contingency execution features.
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  • Complex orders
    Trade up to 4 legs at once. Select from market, limit, stop market, stop limit, and market on close. Limit prices are pre-filled at current bid or ask (depending on buy or sell order actions).
  • Real-time buying power and pre-trade margining
    Shows available stock and option buying power to ensure you have adequate capital for any transaction. Also shows capital tied to pending transactions.
  • Integrated quotes and existing positions
    View updated option chains (by strategy type) when placing your order. If entering an order for a security in which you already have a position, you can view that, too.
  • Pre-trade and post-trade analytics
    Use Trade Analyzer to graph your order’s potential profit/loss before you trade and once the position’s on. Understand your risk.
  • Working and Saved Orders
    View all working and saved orders directly from each order ticket to save time when entering multiple orders at once. Cancel or change orders with one click.
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