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Within Manage, you have complete control to manage your account online with transparency over your account’s current portfolio, trading activity, buying power, history and account settings. Like to customize? Simply log in and tailor your trading experience as you prefer.

Managing multiple accounts?
Use Linkup to view all of your accounts under a single log in. Manage provides convenient features to help you stay on top of your investments.
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  • myAccount
    View real-time status of current portfolio, open and working orders, buying power and more!
  • myHistory
    Create custom searches for portfolio history, download statements and confirms, view gains and losses, performance, etc.
  • myProfile
    Manage your account information online. Change trading levels, manage communication services, and more.
  • myPositions
    View gain/loss in real-time. Drag-and-drop display allows you to group positions for viewing aggregate P/L and cost-basis.